Tuesday, January 22, 2013

PIZZA! FROM starch!

PiZZA! Who doesn’t like pizza? Most of us did! And still love it untill today!
Many times I think pizza need skills like throwing the dough up and down.. I can’t do that, for now *hopefuly sometime*. So I find a nice book (primarasa in Indonesia) than adjust some flavour to my home-made pizza. It only took 1/5 total time than making bread/ cinnamon roll like I”ve had made before. 

You can make a tiny –tiny pizza or muffin shape pizza or calzone (http://dpfarr.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/dsc_0006.jpg). Basicaly, anything and shape you want. Including the toppings? YES! From mozarella to cheddar cheese (easy melted). So you can make the toppings from the simpliest to the most complicated one. Fun? Yap! You can make this with anyone you love ^0^

Ingredients for the crust (for 30 cm pan diameter and thin crust):
-          233 g high protein flour
-          6 g instant yeast 
-          ¾ tsp salt
-          ½ tsp granulated sugar/ caster sugar
-          160 mL warm water
-          2/3 tbsp olive oil 

Ingredients for the toppings:
-          200 g button mushroom (dry preferably or any kind of dry mushroom)
-          100 g salami
-          100 g fresh cut bacon (not too salty like the frozen one)- low sodium, more healthy
-          ½ sliced onion
-          200 g grated pasrmesan
-          Olive oil for top
-          Tomato sauce (I use ready made, than add 2 chopped of clove garlic, ¼ tsp Italian miced herb, ¼ tsp grounded black peper, then heat them in a pan until boiled)

How to make the crust:
-          Put flour, yeast, salt, and sugar in a bowl. Pour warm water little by little and mixed until smooth. Then add the olive oil until the dough is soft.
-          Wrap the bowl with plastic wrap for 20 minutes until the dough reach 2x the original size. Push the dough to let the gas out then arrange the dough from the center to the edge of a pizza pan with hand. Coat the pan with butter first.
-          Bake the crust in preheated oven for 15 minutes at 200 °C 

To top the pizza:
-          Spread the tomato sauce evenly on the baked crust
-          Put all the toppings you like (I choose mine too thick, I recommend make the toppings thin so it won’t get watery inside the pizza).
-          Spread the parmesan and spray olive oil on top
-          Bake on the oven in the same degree as the crust for 15 minutes. Watch the cheese melts! Yummy!

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