Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 minutes QUICK! Chocolate cake

I got flu today.. the laziness kills me.. I got flu and my head spinning. I plan to cook grilled fish for today but I'm not in the mood >_<. Then I start to browse some quick cake recipe... I watch some simple videos then I try to make one and experiment with this recipe. If I have some friends coming after, surely I *instantly* make this one. You can make red velvet, green tea, anything to substitute the cocoa powder and you can add some flavor like almond or vanilla extract just a bit. High fat? Nope! You can use skim milk like I do, diabetic sugar, and any low cholesterol cooking oil (I didn't use olive oil since it's not usually used to bake)- any organic will do too. If you want to moist it up use vinegar just a bit or add more cooking oil or egg to make a fudgy cake. Experience does make things better. If you want to add more of the ingredients, multiply them and don't forget to multiply the baking time on the microwave also (NO need special convection microwave oven! ^0^)

Ingredients (serve 1/2 mug= 150 mL)
2 tbsp all purpose flour (Segitiga biru in Indonesia)
2 tbsp granulated sugar (gula putih)
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 1/2 tbsp liquid milk
1 1/2 tbsp cooking oil
1 tbsp whisked egg
2 drop vanilla extract or essence if you don't have
Some chocolate chip or chopped nuts if you like even whipped cream for the topping

How to make:
1. Mixed all ingredients in a microwave resistant mug or baking cup if you have (just fill 3/4 of the mug)
2. Put it in the microwave on 600-750 watt for 2 minutes without any glass lid (the dough will go upp and dowwnn an it all set when the dough doesn't jump anymore)
3. Eat them while it's hot! Enjoy!

I post a picture that failed, beacuse the baking time is too long, so it burned (smell so lousy and can be removed from the mug).  Lesson learned! But the second one turned out great! (stick on the mug)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Compare the cracked and great result
Yep! Challenging, for sure! But I think I’m quite lucky with this one today because I successfully made 40% from my mixture  ^0^. I like to eat macaron because it’s shape, color and It’s prestigious. I dream to eat one in Paris (Laduree…if you know). They say it’s the best macaron ever! Since knowing about macaron, I tried some at Bakerzin, Manon, TWG and some shops at Jakarta and Singapore.  Sweet dessert it is, icing sugar and almond powder is the main ingredients. What’s best is, it takes time to make from the preparation until waiting for the mac to shaped nice. I already scheduled myself to follow mac class in the end of April (addicted). Lot’s of my friends or sibling made mac also, so I see them bake one, so I search for any recipe that doesn’t  require me to have standing mixer and thermometer to check the sugar heating degree (it called Swiss way, not Italian mac or Parisian). Nonetheless, my electric oven has it’s own temperature mood ( I should turn it on and off to set the exact temperature). Mr.C says mine is good, chewy like the one they sell but *aaaargh* it ‘s too sweet (no mac that’s not sweet, dear). Be careful for the mac making patient.. follow the instructions… measure the ingredients right and the mac will be goodly done!
Ingredients: (about 15 mac)
A.      50 g shifted raw almond powder
       50 g sifted icing sugar
       3 tsp green tea powder (don’t use to much or the mac won’t rise)
B.      50 g kastor sugar (use this kind of sugar because it melts quickly)
80 g egg white (no albumin- shaped like white hair; oil or water on the bowl is restricted)
Filling: 50 g white chocolate
           25 g heavy whip cream (not liquid, so whip it first in high speed)

How to make:
1.       Mixed A in a bowl
2.       Mixed B in a heat resistant bowl above the boil pan filled with water in a small heat, whisk until the sugar melts but do not let the egg white cooked. Then continue to mixed in high speed with hand mixer until the consistency soft (soft peak) and white colored. TIPS: under or over mixed will make the mac stick on your baking sheet.
3.       Mixed A and B then fold (not mixed) until the consistency is like magma.
4.       Put the mixture in a pipping bag and cut the edge and make any size you want for the mac
5.       Give the mac dough 2 cm separately and rest the mac dough about 15 minutes (IMPORTANT to wait so the mac will have their legs)
6.       Meanwhile, preheat the oven (use lower element and put the mac as far from the element as you can-my own experience) for 150 degree Celcius for 10 minutes. 
7.       Put the baking sheet and bake until the mac leg appear about 7-10 minutes
8.       Check the leg, if it’s not even then turn the baking tray and the mac base should be flat, not sticky to the baking sheet (I choose silicone paper, it’s better and reusable)
9.       Let the mac cold in room temperature and let’s make the filling
10.   Melt the white chocolate and fold it with the heavy whip. Cool it off and put them in the fridge and mix with hand mixer before applied to the mac.
11.   Fill one side of the mac and put another mac so it looks like burger. Enjoy!

 NB: Don't overheat the mac or it will crack! And the best time to cook mac is at noon without rain (humidity ruins my mac)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finaly: Red velvet Moist Cupcake

Well.. well.. my BFF, Evelin and friends at my FB and Twitter request this recipe. Yes! RVC is on fire nowadays at any cafe or restaurant. I wonder why why..why. I never truly love eating cake before except ice cream cake or most of the cake consist of chocolate. But, I ordered one from my church friend then I loved it! because the cake she made was moist and not too spongy. I tried and searched for some recipes and inspired by two baking chef: and, then as usual I modified some of them.
You better be ready to buy cups and food scale to measure the ingreadients. Cake or any other desserts need to be exact in measure, specially for beginners like me. :)
So sorry I forgot to took the making pictures but I hope this recipe helps. Enjoy!

Moist red velvet cupcake (serve 12 small cup)

1 1/4 cups (125 grams) sifted all purpose flour (SIFTED! You don't want any lumps, right?)
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt (small granulated)
1 tbps cocoa powder
1/4 cup (57 grams) unsalted / salted butter at room temperature
3/4 cups (150 grams) granulated white sugar (gula pasir biasa)
1 large egg ( I read once, use an egg with a big yolk to make cake)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (or essence, if you don't have)
1/2 cup  buttermilk (adjust your sel and compare 1 tbsp distilled vinegar by 240mL milk, let it about 5-10 minutes)
1 tablespoon liquid red food coloring
1/2 teaspoon white distilled vinegar (if you don't have any, use usual vinegar- I tried it before)
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Cream cheese frosting:
I tried to mixed some with whipped cream but it turned out bad, twice!
By the help of my sis-in-law (FB: dailycious), we didn't use any whipped cream (don't have the photo, I don't know where it gone in my file), instead we use:
200 g sifted icing sugar
200 g cream cheese
100 g butter
NB: You can modified the sweetness by reducing the amount of icing sugar.
How to make:
1. Put the sifted flour in a bowl then add the sifted cocoa powder and baking powder and salt then stir it well
2. Put the butter in another bowl and mix it with hand or standing mixer until soft. Then add the sugar, egg, vanilla extract and mix until soft.
3. Mixed in a glass: the buttermilk and food coloring (BE CAREFUL of the stain)
4. Put one third of number 1 in number 2 the turn on the mixer into slow until medium speed, then add the number 3 about half of it; continue to put the number 1 then 3 until it finished.
5. Mix the vinegar and baking soda until they bubbled then insert it into number 4.
6. Put the dough with spoon/ ice cream scoop to the cupcake paper and bake them about 18-20 minutes on 180 degree Celcius. Try to pin a toothpick to make sure the cake is cooked well.
7. While waiting the cake to cool, we make the topping by beating the cream cheese with mixer until soft then add the butter, and the last is icing sugar (low speed, please or the icing sugar will burst out and make you look like snowman hehehe)
8. Put the topping / frosting in a pipping bag or just spread the frosting with spatula or spoon.
9. You can add as many topping again after frosting, like the crushed RVC (sacrificed one maybe) and spread them evenly by small piece to make it look nice).

NB: Vinegar? Yup! To moist the cake.. not like any other dry cake. This is the secret ingredient :)

2nd trial-Up: before; below: after
1st trial low fat 4 Eveline by me

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quick Crunchy Oat Beef

Wuhu!!! Excited to make this recipe. It’s beef, crispy and oat (something to make me feel healthier. Hahaha).  I use two types of beef: sukiyaki beef and tenderloin (less fat) that I sliced into thin when it’s still frozen. Cut it into 1-1.5 mm thick with a sharp big knife (be careful J).
I like “crispy rendang” it’s known for Indonesian food come from Padang province. We like them spicy, but not my parents and so does everyone, so I make this recipe with just a little bit red chili (fresh, not powdered). Usually it’s kinda oily, but to maintain the oil fat, I didn’t use the oil to cook the oatmeal or put it to be sauce for the beef. Some of you, might come from other country and this maybe the recipe that you can try. It’s easy and from now on I’ll try to make picture from step to step, hoping to be helpful.

This recipe serve 2 person and time to make is about an hour including the marinate process.
250 g thin slice beef (sirloin or sukiyaki or other kin of meat is OK)
Frying oil (full the half of the pan)

Marinating sauce:
1 egg
½ tsp salt
½ tsp sesame oil
1/8 tsp pepper ( preferably not grounded black pepper)
2 tbsp corn flour (maizena)
1 tbsp flour (all purpose)
3 tbsp water

For the topping:
Frying oil
1 egg (whisk)
3 tbsp small garlic (minced)
1 tbsp red chili (minced; I don’t use the seed because it’s kinda hot)
3 tbsp oat (crushed)

How to cook:
1.       Marinate the beef for minimum half an hour with the marinating sauce
2.       Heat the pan and frying oil and put the beef one by one at a time and fry until crisp then strain the beef
3.       Use the oil again to fry the egg (put it slowly and whisk it so it make small parts to be a great topping and even), garlic, and chili. Fry them until crisp and strain.
4.       Without oil, put the oat in the pan and cook until the flavor comes out, then put inside the fried beef and topping. 
5.       Enjoy!

NB: Use chili sauce or tomato sauce if you like or even cayenne pepper to make it taste hotter.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recipe: Simple Fried Chicken with Peanuts

Hey, guys! Just want to say thanks for those who viewed this blog. 101 hit already! And the fave one is the Non baked cheesecake recipe. Yaayy! Anyone tried it? Gimme some comment if you wanna ask somethings. We'll learn each other :)
I'm managing my "market day" now since I have to cook for weekdays and sometimes on weekend. So me and Mr. C decided what we want to eat then make some lists what to buy at Saturday or Sunday before we start to cook. My Mom in law was so nice that she bought us some chicken or beef, even fresh fish from the traditional market. So does my Mom who bought some meat and bread for breakfast. Haha *heaven*
So as possible as I can, I try to share my-made-meal with them. Hopefuly they love it ^_^. Both of them are superb chefs.
I'm trying to take pictures from the beginning -process- and results of my-made-meals.
Also if possible in the future to add the total expenses and calories. Anyone helping me with the calorie counter?

Well, done talking now. Here goes the recipe for today dinner: Simple fried chicken with peanuts
I see this recipe on a local cookbook then I modified it.
Ingredients: (serve 2)
2 cup of peanuts (I'm using usual peanuts, you can use almond or cashew)
Maizena flour (corn flour)
2 chicken breast (each probably 250g)
1 egg
1 tsp granulated sugar
1 tbsp soy sauce
 1/4 tsp salt
3 tbsp rice whine (arak masak)
1/4 tsp gohyong powder (available anywhere in Jakarta)

Frying oil (a lot)
Cucumber or salad for side dish
Chilli sauce if you like

The picnic pack
Zoomin the chicken
How to:
1. Cut half the chicken breast to make a heart shape look-alike (clean the meat first)
2. Mixed soy sauce, sugar, salt, gohyong powder, rice wine and egg in a plate. Marinate the chicken breat in there for about 1-2 hour.
3. Put the marinated chicken breast one by one on the peanut (already crust but not too small so the peanuts still has it's texture) then into the maizena flour
4. Prepare frying oil in a hot pan and make sure the chicken will drown on the oil., then put the chicken and fry that until golden brown
5. Drain the oil in the stainer until dry then serve it like chicken steak or cut into pieces like katsu or smaller, whatever you like
6. Enjoy it with side dishes ( I gotta hurry to prepare them, so I use cucumbers) and white rice. Eat while it's hot.

Tips: You can add chilli sauce or chilli powder and pepper to make it taste like Taiwanese snacks.

Monday, March 19, 2012

2 days full tummy

I didn't make any food or desserts for last weekend because I got dentistry seminars at Merlynn Park Hotel, Central Jakarta, that made me stay awake until 12am .. So I took some photos from my 2 days tummy journey...
I got big dinner at Hanamasa  on the 1st night *all u can eat* that all of you know for it's sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. It's my friend birthday *thanks Renny* hahaha. Before that I had 1 breakfast at home (as usual Froot loops and skim milk) then arrived at the hotel to attend the seminar.. having snack at 9 am then lunch (aaaa not full because too many people there) , then having snack again at 2 pm, I skipped the dinner at the hotel *Hanamasa is the chosen 1*. The second day, I have a buffet breakfast *yeayy! * and it has lotsa Indian menus...errr... Then another snack at 10 am, continued with lunch at 12pm and snack *again* at about 4 pm. Wait.. the dinner that night is at Katsusei *yumm yumm* and it's free cause it's my mother in law birthday! Lucky us! But those 2 days make me afraid to get on the weight scale ;).
Here's the details:
1. The 1st day lunch

 White rice, shrimp chips, chilli,fried fish, "sawi" and a slice of beef...

 The Bogor soup is the nicest one at that lunch ^0^

2. The 1st day snacks

 Chocolate croissant and macaroni skotel

3. The 1st day dinner (plus a pretzel at nite and a slice of chocolate cake)

 Slices of beef and sausaged with salad.. Lalalala

 Supper time with my seminar friends.. Aunite Annie's famous cinnamon  pretzel

 Yakitori and grilled beef ribs

4. The 2nd day breakfast

 Gado2 *noo noo*, omelete and carrot cake

 Baked beans, fried rice, veggie lasagna *no flavor* , mashed potato *no taste*, risoles *but turn to be fried Indian peanut butter bread*-weird-,  and not to eat-able lamb sausage

 My fave coco crunch cereal and buttered wheat bread

5. The 2ndy day lunch

 Rice, a slice of gurami pesmol, slice of chicken breast, and veggies *I didn't finish it cause it's too salty*

 The best is: Soto Betawi! maybe they're soup specialist banquet hotel

6. The 2nd day snacks

The cheetos and some tiramisu, eclair, strawberry mouse, and fresh strawberries for 4 of us...

7. The 2nd day dinner (of course with ice cream cake)
The pork mixed set menu
The fat reducer tea after meal
haagen-Daz ice cream cake (choco n stawberry)
salty sour and peanut sauce
The sesame seeds
Agedashi tofu

Now.. how's my foods? make all of you drollll? Please leave some comments! Thanks, XOXO

Friday, March 16, 2012

The NON Baked Cheese cake recipe

Non baked? yep! because I didn't have any good oven at home, I choose this recipe to be my 1st REAL cake attempt. Simple and yummy! My BFF already try that and hopefully those tummy are hunger for some more! LOL ^0^.
I got this simple recipe from (lots of other websie too but I love her neat cooking way), and I kinda modified this myself. First time making this recipe I use brownies pan (aliminium in Indonesia) then I failed because I forgot to whipped the liquid cream in the right consistency.. it goes to my maids tummy hohoho.
Second trial *I made this for my BFF gathering at Mrs.Julia apartment. Thank God the cheese cake fell so right. Don't be afraid about calories because great dessert need fats and sugar. You won't eat this kind of indulgence every time right?

The pan you can choose: the metal pie-pan with the base that can be removed with 22cm diameter with this recipe or use single pudding cup don't have to bother to cut and being dirty or worried that your cream cheese isn't hard enough. *my secret* haha

Let's get started with the ingredients:
Cracker crust :
100 g digestive biscuits (banyak di toko buah atau supermarket) or any wheat biscuit
30g granulated sugar (gula pasir putih)
85 g butter (preferably unsalted), melted

227 g cream cheese at room temperature
50 g granulated white sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract or essence if you don't have one
240mL heavy whip cream ( 35-40% fat)

Anything.. usually I use dark cherry canned or fresh strawberries..Yummy!

How to make:
1. Crust the crackers with spoon or anything to crumb, food processor or beat them with rolling pin in the plastic bag
2. Mixed together the crumb, melted butter, and granulated sugar until they feel sticky but not melted-texture-like. We just need them to be moist
3. Put the crust evenly in the pie-pan or pudding cup and press evenly then put in the FREEZER while preparing the filling
4. Put in the mixer : cream cheese until it's soft, white sugar and then vanilla essence until smooth and even.
5. On separated bowl (I love to make this separately from the cream cheese so i can fold both of them after this) whisk the whip either with hand mixer or standing mixer with high speed.
6. After the whip cream textured is like cotton (it won't drop down from the mixing bowl if you flip them down), put it inside the cream cheese dough and FOLD it (so it won't be too liquid-textured)
7. Put the whip and cream cheese dough inside the pan/ cup then freeze them overnight.
8. Push the base of the pan pie and cut the cheesecake as desired (if you use a pan pie) , add the toppings and eat them cold. Enjoy!

Few First Attempt

Our 1st attempt beside pies and cakes is... Beef Katsu Don!
Thanks to my seniors in University, Cici T and cici N *read this blog lahh!* hahaha
They suggested me to see youtube : cooking with dog...
At 1st I feel weird about the grey poodle that stand beside the stove.. but indeed the translator is quite good in English. Me and Mr.C like to say" Oooniong" when the translator explain to use onion hahaha
She made the tonkatsu don (pork loin), but we choose to eat beef instead. Any local or AUS or US beef can be used. but I like some AUS .. quite juicy, tender, and not so pricey *yeah!*

The recipe is the exact same thing and I find those ingredients in Foodhall supermarket in Jakarta or KemChicks also at Grandlucky SCBD. not promoting them, just to help you*

Here it goes ..(adapted from cooking with dog)

Ingredients for Katsudon
(serves 1)

- beef katsu -
120g 1cm thick beef sirloin (0.265 lb, 1/2 inch)
A Pinch of Salt
A Pinch of Pepper
1/4 Egg
A Pinch of Water
Nama-Panko - Fresh Bread Crumbs (Tepung roti in Indonesia; kemaren sempet nemu' yang bener2 fresh ga pake pengawet itu di toko roti supermarket Korea, Senopati-namanya Bon "something")

Frying Oil
- Sauce -
50ml Water (0.211 u.s. cup)
1/5 tsp Granulated Dashi (banyak juga nih ada macam2 merk ini tuh kaldu ikan teri)
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Hon-Mirin (Real Mirin) (Mirin itu macem2 jadi cari yang Hon-Mirin bisa merk Kikkoman atau merk lain; yang korea punya juga bisa asal Mirin hehe)
1 tsp Sugar

70g Onion (2.47 oz)
1 Egg
Mitsuba - Japanese Wild Parsley (Parsley biasa juga sama)

200g Fresh Steamed Rice (0.441 lb)

Cara masak:
1. Pukul2 daging sapi *jangan kejammm yaa * supaya empuk lalu diseset beberapa bagian *jangan sampai putus dagingnya* lalu ditaburi garam dan lada di kedua sisi daging
2. Celupkan daging di tepung terigu, lalu telur yang sudah dikocok (ini ditambain air putih sedikit supaya cair), lalu ke tepung roti (tepuk2)
3. Panaskan minyak di panci, lalu masukkan daging yang sudah dibalur tepung
4. Sudah kecoklatan atau matang, ditiriskan dan dipotong lebarnya 2 cm-an (kira-kira)
5. Di penggorengan, masukkan air, dashi, kecap asin, mirin, gula dan bawang bombay dengan api gede tutup sampai berbuih, buka lalu biarkan di api kecil 5 menit atau sampai layu lalu masukkan daging yang telah dipotong-potong tadi.
6. Tambahkan telur yang sudah dikocok 1 buah (selera sih) lalu tutup sebentar jangan sampai kuah kering.
7. Angkat panci pindahkan isinya perlahan ke mangkok yang udah diisi nasi hangat.
8. Tambahkan pasrley atau seledri di atasnya.

Maknyus, asli! Ga usah ke resto jepang kalo ngidam ini.
Bisa dicoba diganti daging ayam, ikan, udang, babi, semuanya deh.

Selamat mencoba!

#please give us some input#
NB: sorry fotonya miring ga tau kenapa ud diupload berulang2 ^0^

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Journey from the beginning

Hello, everyone!
It's officially OUR first blog. Yep, me (Mrs.J)and my husband (Mr.C)like to hunt for good food anytime, anywhere. We're making this blog some in English and some in Bahasa Indonesia. Hope it all wont bother all of you.
Since years ago we love to eat and sometimes I try to cook and my husband help me so. But none of those cooking trials "pushed" me to cook continuously. Since last Christmas (2011), I got holiday from my University *thanks God*, then I try to search (google-ing and youtube-ing) and find some of great inspring videos to make. Specially the pasta menus and red velvet cupcakes *tempting*. I tried some of the recipes and *drum roll please*...I made it this far! haha so no sentences like "I can't cook" on my dictionary now! Thanks to technology, now I can see the right consistency or looks in baking some cakes.
Hopefully, me and my husband *next time I mention him as Mr. C" can make all of you droll seeing lotsa menus that we eat or make in the future.
And there it goes... Cooking from the beginning -From US by LOVE

Mrs.J and Mr. C