Thursday, March 15, 2012

Journey from the beginning

Hello, everyone!
It's officially OUR first blog. Yep, me (Mrs.J)and my husband (Mr.C)like to hunt for good food anytime, anywhere. We're making this blog some in English and some in Bahasa Indonesia. Hope it all wont bother all of you.
Since years ago we love to eat and sometimes I try to cook and my husband help me so. But none of those cooking trials "pushed" me to cook continuously. Since last Christmas (2011), I got holiday from my University *thanks God*, then I try to search (google-ing and youtube-ing) and find some of great inspring videos to make. Specially the pasta menus and red velvet cupcakes *tempting*. I tried some of the recipes and *drum roll please*...I made it this far! haha so no sentences like "I can't cook" on my dictionary now! Thanks to technology, now I can see the right consistency or looks in baking some cakes.
Hopefully, me and my husband *next time I mention him as Mr. C" can make all of you droll seeing lotsa menus that we eat or make in the future.
And there it goes... Cooking from the beginning -From US by LOVE

Mrs.J and Mr. C

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