Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Compare the cracked and great result
Yep! Challenging, for sure! But I think I’m quite lucky with this one today because I successfully made 40% from my mixture  ^0^. I like to eat macaron because it’s shape, color and It’s prestigious. I dream to eat one in Paris (Laduree…if you know). They say it’s the best macaron ever! Since knowing about macaron, I tried some at Bakerzin, Manon, TWG and some shops at Jakarta and Singapore.  Sweet dessert it is, icing sugar and almond powder is the main ingredients. What’s best is, it takes time to make from the preparation until waiting for the mac to shaped nice. I already scheduled myself to follow mac class in the end of April (addicted). Lot’s of my friends or sibling made mac also, so I see them bake one, so I search for any recipe that doesn’t  require me to have standing mixer and thermometer to check the sugar heating degree (it called Swiss way, not Italian mac or Parisian). Nonetheless, my electric oven has it’s own temperature mood ( I should turn it on and off to set the exact temperature). Mr.C says mine is good, chewy like the one they sell but *aaaargh* it ‘s too sweet (no mac that’s not sweet, dear). Be careful for the mac making temptation..be patient.. follow the instructions… measure the ingredients right and the mac will be goodly done!
Ingredients: (about 15 mac)
A.      50 g shifted raw almond powder
       50 g sifted icing sugar
       3 tsp green tea powder (don’t use to much or the mac won’t rise)
B.      50 g kastor sugar (use this kind of sugar because it melts quickly)
80 g egg white (no albumin- shaped like white hair; oil or water on the bowl is restricted)
Filling: 50 g white chocolate
           25 g heavy whip cream (not liquid, so whip it first in high speed)

How to make:
1.       Mixed A in a bowl
2.       Mixed B in a heat resistant bowl above the boil pan filled with water in a small heat, whisk until the sugar melts but do not let the egg white cooked. Then continue to mixed in high speed with hand mixer until the consistency soft (soft peak) and white colored. TIPS: under or over mixed will make the mac stick on your baking sheet.
3.       Mixed A and B then fold (not mixed) until the consistency is like magma.
4.       Put the mixture in a pipping bag and cut the edge and make any size you want for the mac
5.       Give the mac dough 2 cm separately and rest the mac dough about 15 minutes (IMPORTANT to wait so the mac will have their legs)
6.       Meanwhile, preheat the oven (use lower element and put the mac as far from the element as you can-my own experience) for 150 degree Celcius for 10 minutes. 
7.       Put the baking sheet and bake until the mac leg appear about 7-10 minutes
8.       Check the leg, if it’s not even then turn the baking tray and the mac base should be flat, not sticky to the baking sheet (I choose silicone paper, it’s better and reusable)
9.       Let the mac cold in room temperature and let’s make the filling
10.   Melt the white chocolate and fold it with the heavy whip. Cool it off and put them in the fridge and mix with hand mixer before applied to the mac.
11.   Fill one side of the mac and put another mac so it looks like burger. Enjoy!

 NB: Don't overheat the mac or it will crack! And the best time to cook mac is at noon without rain (humidity ruins my mac)

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