Monday, March 19, 2012

2 days full tummy

I didn't make any food or desserts for last weekend because I got dentistry seminars at Merlynn Park Hotel, Central Jakarta, that made me stay awake until 12am .. So I took some photos from my 2 days tummy journey...
I got big dinner at Hanamasa  on the 1st night *all u can eat* that all of you know for it's sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. It's my friend birthday *thanks Renny* hahaha. Before that I had 1 breakfast at home (as usual Froot loops and skim milk) then arrived at the hotel to attend the seminar.. having snack at 9 am then lunch (aaaa not full because too many people there) , then having snack again at 2 pm, I skipped the dinner at the hotel *Hanamasa is the chosen 1*. The second day, I have a buffet breakfast *yeayy! * and it has lotsa Indian menus...errr... Then another snack at 10 am, continued with lunch at 12pm and snack *again* at about 4 pm. Wait.. the dinner that night is at Katsusei *yumm yumm* and it's free cause it's my mother in law birthday! Lucky us! But those 2 days make me afraid to get on the weight scale ;).
Here's the details:
1. The 1st day lunch

 White rice, shrimp chips, chilli,fried fish, "sawi" and a slice of beef...

 The Bogor soup is the nicest one at that lunch ^0^

2. The 1st day snacks

 Chocolate croissant and macaroni skotel

3. The 1st day dinner (plus a pretzel at nite and a slice of chocolate cake)

 Slices of beef and sausaged with salad.. Lalalala

 Supper time with my seminar friends.. Aunite Annie's famous cinnamon  pretzel

 Yakitori and grilled beef ribs

4. The 2nd day breakfast

 Gado2 *noo noo*, omelete and carrot cake

 Baked beans, fried rice, veggie lasagna *no flavor* , mashed potato *no taste*, risoles *but turn to be fried Indian peanut butter bread*-weird-,  and not to eat-able lamb sausage

 My fave coco crunch cereal and buttered wheat bread

5. The 2ndy day lunch

 Rice, a slice of gurami pesmol, slice of chicken breast, and veggies *I didn't finish it cause it's too salty*

 The best is: Soto Betawi! maybe they're soup specialist banquet hotel

6. The 2nd day snacks

The cheetos and some tiramisu, eclair, strawberry mouse, and fresh strawberries for 4 of us...

7. The 2nd day dinner (of course with ice cream cake)
The pork mixed set menu
The fat reducer tea after meal
haagen-Daz ice cream cake (choco n stawberry)
salty sour and peanut sauce
The sesame seeds
Agedashi tofu

Now.. how's my foods? make all of you drollll? Please leave some comments! Thanks, XOXO

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