Friday, March 16, 2012

The NON Baked Cheese cake recipe

Non baked? yep! because I didn't have any good oven at home, I choose this recipe to be my 1st REAL cake attempt. Simple and yummy! My BFF already try that and hopefully those tummy are hunger for some more! LOL ^0^.
I got this simple recipe from (lots of other websie too but I love her neat cooking way), and I kinda modified this myself. First time making this recipe I use brownies pan (aliminium in Indonesia) then I failed because I forgot to whipped the liquid cream in the right consistency.. it goes to my maids tummy hohoho.
Second trial *I made this for my BFF gathering at Mrs.Julia apartment. Thank God the cheese cake fell so right. Don't be afraid about calories because great dessert need fats and sugar. You won't eat this kind of indulgence every time right?

The pan you can choose: the metal pie-pan with the base that can be removed with 22cm diameter with this recipe or use single pudding cup don't have to bother to cut and being dirty or worried that your cream cheese isn't hard enough. *my secret* haha

Let's get started with the ingredients:
Cracker crust :
100 g digestive biscuits (banyak di toko buah atau supermarket) or any wheat biscuit
30g granulated sugar (gula pasir putih)
85 g butter (preferably unsalted), melted

227 g cream cheese at room temperature
50 g granulated white sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract or essence if you don't have one
240mL heavy whip cream ( 35-40% fat)

Anything.. usually I use dark cherry canned or fresh strawberries..Yummy!

How to make:
1. Crust the crackers with spoon or anything to crumb, food processor or beat them with rolling pin in the plastic bag
2. Mixed together the crumb, melted butter, and granulated sugar until they feel sticky but not melted-texture-like. We just need them to be moist
3. Put the crust evenly in the pie-pan or pudding cup and press evenly then put in the FREEZER while preparing the filling
4. Put in the mixer : cream cheese until it's soft, white sugar and then vanilla essence until smooth and even.
5. On separated bowl (I love to make this separately from the cream cheese so i can fold both of them after this) whisk the whip either with hand mixer or standing mixer with high speed.
6. After the whip cream textured is like cotton (it won't drop down from the mixing bowl if you flip them down), put it inside the cream cheese dough and FOLD it (so it won't be too liquid-textured)
7. Put the whip and cream cheese dough inside the pan/ cup then freeze them overnight.
8. Push the base of the pan pie and cut the cheesecake as desired (if you use a pan pie) , add the toppings and eat them cold. Enjoy!

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