Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What to do with Last Night NYE left overs

What to do.... After last night dinner, I still got hundreds grams of black pepper raw beef, stocks of boiled potato, onions, sauce, and rice. Think...think..think.... Tadaaaa! Then is here along with my mom-in-law ideas:
1. Make a mash potato
2. Stir fried onion and beef
3. Re-heat the rice

Mashed potato:
- Press the boiled potato until soft but still got small crumbles (about 500 g)
- In a pan, put  4 tbsp cooking cream and  1 tbsp butter until it melted
- Pour the butter and cream on the mashed potato than add 1tbsp milk or more, to make the consistency that you like
- Add pepper and salt if necessary. Done!

Stir fried blackpepper beef :
- Chop the onions into quater inch thin
- Heat 1 tbsp oil on the pan then put the onions and cook nicely until golden brown
- Put the sliced beef and the ready made/ home made blackpepper sauce
- Stir until the beef is well done. Serve with rice/ left over veggies

Here you go! you have a nice lunch for the 1st day on 2013! Happy New year!

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