Monday, April 2, 2012

QUICHE low fat with chicken breast, onion, and parmesan

Today I wanna make quiche, but I forgot to buy brocoli and bacon. SO, this is the first time I create a recipe myself *claps* ^0^. I still have leftover pie crust from making the nutella pie, so I think about making easy menu then I found my pie ceramic baking tray. Tadaa!!!! Then QUICHE it is. I try to make this lowfat .. why? I gotta flat my tummy, so from today until I got my sis-in-law wedding reception over, I won't cook to many sweets or fried foods, EXCEPT any of you comment or request something to make :). This only contains about 200 calories a quarter of 18 cm pan. A great dinner right? The onion also a fat burner veggie and I don't use any oil. Yippiiee! So, check out the fridge and make this one.

1.       Half small onion (thin slice)
2.       80 g cheddar cheese grated or parmesan powdered  (100 g will be salty)
3.       1 tsp salt (not more because it’s gonna be too salty also)
4.       1 tsp white pepper powder
5.       Pie crust
6.       1 chicken breast (cut to small cube)
7.       150 mL skim milk
8.       2 large egg (whisked)


How to make:
1.       Put the pie crust into the baking ceramic pan (any pan could do) and bake it on 180 degree Celcius (350 degree F) for 12-15 minutes until the the crust crunch (Tips: make small holes on the crust so it won’t go up when you bake it)
2.       Mix the egg and milk, then put the rest ingredients for the filling
3.       Put the pie crust + filling and bake until golden brown (insert a toothpick and it has to be set *not wet*)
4.       Serve while it’s hot. Enjoy!

The pie crust

Pie crust and filling

Result !

Sliced quiche
PS: I use electric oven, so I use the lower element first then the upper one to make the quiche golden brown.

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