Sunday, April 1, 2012

QuiCK Nutella pie with sliced almond

Wewww these days I got rush to make some dessert… School and work is tiring >_<. But I gotta make dessert for my hubby tummy and mine *LOL*. I craved for nutella then I see a recipe from a web then see her made this kinda pie but she bought the ready made. I choose to make the pie from pastry dough that I buy at the bakery supply store. They sold them about 3U$ (21k IDR) and it can be used and done nicely.  This recipe only need 4 ingredienst: BUTTER-PIE CRUST- NUTELLA-SLICED ALMOND (or any topping you like).

How to make:
1.       Defrost the pie crust into room temperature, then cut it with a cup topper from metal (or anything round in a correct size for the baking cup), then put the crust into the buttered baking cup and push it with your fingers until they make wavy edges. -In some stores they have the ready pie crust, so you don't need to bake them again-
2.       Preheat the oven for 10 minutes in 200 degree Celcius. Then put the crust for 12 minutes (as instructed).
3.       Cool down the crispy crust then put the nutella (better to put it inside the pipping bag) on the top and the sliced almond.
4.       Enjoy!


buttered baking cup

make the crust outline

The pie crust

ready to bake puff pastry dough

The nutella pie..TADAAA!!!

PS: This would be a lovely snacks for kids or even adults. If you have guests coming, this would make them addicted. ^0^

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