Monday, April 16, 2012

SimPLe Grilled Chicken

Woaa after long weekend, I burst my weight..So me n Mr.C decided to go low.. low calories of course! Then chicken is on the plate but with what?

Grilled chicken breat by journey-to-
I buy recipe book from Femina book (Indonesian women magazine; not promoting or copying) and I would love to share this sooo simple recipe: Low fat Pan Grilled Chicken breast!

This recipe made for two and multiply this recipe if you want to make more. Each portion contain  approx.102 calories. ^0^

2 chicken fillet (half chicken and cut into half/ thin slice)
White pepper and salt (I use Nutrisalin brand for diet) just for flavoring
1 tsp low fat margarine/ butter
1 tbsp sweet soy sauce (Use for diabetics one if you like)
100 mL water
Pinch (edge of a tea spoon) of nutmeg powder (just a little because it taste bitter)
1 tsp corn starch/ maizena dissolved with little water
Any vegetable to be boiled with salt and saute (stir-fry) using butter (I use zucchini and carrot thin sliced)

How to make:
1. Smear (Indonesian: lumuri) the chicken breast with salt and white pepper

2. melt the margarine on grill pan then cook the chicken until golden brown, set aside

3. Put in the pan (sauce): water, nutmeg, salt,sweet soy sauce. Cook a while, put maizena that already dissolved and cook until thick.

4. Set the chicken breast and vegetable than pour the sauce on top. Enjoy!

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