Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thick martabak (Indonesian pancake)

Hm... this recipe always been my favorite since childhood because this recipe has a lot of toppings, like peanuts, sprinkles, cheese spread, and so on. I usually buy it at my Grandma's neighborhood (Pecenongan street on Central Jakarta, Indonesia). You can make it either thin or thick as you like.There are 2 kinds of martabak: the sweet (Martabak Bangka) and the egg-based one.
Egg-based artabak comes from India then Tegal citizen (Central Java) try to make martabak for their living (source: www.berita-terbaru.com). This kind of martabak filled with vegetables and meat with any variaties you can make.
The sweet martabak made in 1965, by the name of martabak San Fransisco, filled with peanuts, sugar, and chocolate fillings. I like the sweet onr and can't wait to make it myself from the starch, yet it's not as easy as I imagine. It needs time to wait for the dough and skill to cook it.
You can use non-stick pan like I do or martabak pan if you have.
I read this recipe from Nursaadah then I add some notes to help you cook better :)

Ingredients: (serve 5 small pieces)
Martabak :
175 g any purpose flour
37.5 g granulated white sugar
2.5 g instant yeast
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 whisked egg

granulated white sugar
sweet condensed milk
chocolate sprinkles
cooked chopped peanuts (any kind)
cooked sesame seeds
butter for spread

1. Mixed flour, sugar, yeast, baking powder, and salt

2. Put in eggs and milk, whisk with low speed hand mixer/ whisk until soft

3. Let the dough for 2 hours until rise

 4. Heat the non-stick pan/ martabak pan, pour the dough (NOTE: for beginner if you using non-stick pan, pour it away from the fire so you can have enough time to spread the dough)

5. Cook until you see some sponge form then spread 1 tbsp granulated white sugar and close the pan with a lid

6. Let it cooked (until there's no wet dough surface) then lift the martabak

7. Spread the martabak with condensed milk then pour chocolate/ peanut and sesame as much as you like

 8. Cut the martabak into half then stack it one another and spread the outer surface with butter

9. Cut and serve as you like.

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